Welcome to the Devon Consortium Website

The Devon Consortium was formed in January 2005 to provide a body with the skills, expertise, authority and mandate to work for and in partnership with the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) in Devon.

The Consortium is made up of organisations representing Voluntary Service, Young People, Older People, Diversity, Health, Rural, Environment, Volunteering, Black & Minority Ethnic Groups, Faith Groups, Community Planning, Environment and Disability Groups, amongst others.

  • Voluntary & Community Sector Baseline Survey 2010 Results Published. 福岡・西新の脱毛サロン for further information & to view the results.
  • Voluntary & Community Sector Follow up Survey 2012 Results Published. CLICK HERE for further information & to the view the results.

Last year's Voluntary & Community Sector Assembly took place on 7 September 2011. Thanks to all of those who took part. CLICK HERE for the full report [Word 130KB]




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